2022 Storyline

Storyline: The Woes of Wolvercote
Welcome back to Wolvercote in 1572! The village of Wolvercote is in a state of turmoil in the midst of preparing to host their harvest festival. It has been 2 years without a summer festival, and the villagers are feeling a little less unified. First, of course, we have the ongoing strife betwixt the Mayor of Wolvercote (Thomas Willyams), and the Earl of Oxford (Edward de Vere) – 2 independent individuals who seem to have an unending power struggle! When last she visited, the Queen commanded they work together to organize a festival, and while the Earl has the title, he has yet to come into his inheritance! This year, at the front gate, you can choose to show your support to the Earl by tying on a red cord, or encourage the Mayor by choosing to wear a green cord. But of course, there are more people in the village impacted by this discord – Goodwife Miller and Goodwife Porter have drawn a line in the village square, and villagers are choosing sides. Join us September 24 – 25th to find out if the new Sheriff in town can establish some peace. Learn if the Earl can convince the Queen he is ready for his inheritance, and see if the villagers can work together to entertain the Queen! The story begins at our pre show in front of the village gates before the festival opens (we start at 9:45am), and continues being told on the Queen’s Stage throughout the day! Hip Hip – HUZZAH!

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