Introduction to Oxford Renaissance Festival:

We Answer Your 10 Burning Questions! Renaissance Festival – also called Renaissance Fairs, Ren Fairs, Ren Fests, and many other names – are so much fun! They offer you lots of opportunities to learn cool new things, meet new people, and experience the wonders of medieval life. While all of that sounds fun written down, we understand how intimidating it can be to attend an event without any prior knowledge. So, let’s take a moment and tackle some of the most common questions our customers ask us and help you enjoy Oxford this September!

1. What is a Renaissance Faire?

At a very base level, they are an outdoor celebration of Renaissance life to educate and entertain guests. Often, they will have entertainers, food, costuming, stalls of wares, workshops, and other festivities. Although Canada doesn’t have the same Medieval history that Europe has its a great way to connect with this part of history in an interactive environment. Similar types of events do occur all over the world, though. Almost every “state” in the USA has a renaissance festival.

2. When and Where can I attend Oxford?

Join us for our 10th year celebration! Oxford Renaissance Festival has moved this year to September 27-29th to our new location the Thorndale Fairgrounds and community centre just minutes off highway 401. We begin with Sept 27th as a private education day where your school can sign up for a spectacular field trip filled with entertainment, excitement and of course education. The evening of Friday the 27th is a 19+ public ticketed charity event (The Ronald McDonald House) bringing back the awesome Musical Mudmen.

Oxford to London = 25 min drive
Oxford to Kitchener = 1 hr drive

3. How much is it to get into the Oxford renaissance faire?

We urge you to buy on advance with different sales to save some shillings! They can be purchased at Faires.ca Tickets at the gate will cost you between $20-$35. This cost usually involves pretty much every activity within the show. The fee is usually calculated based on the cost of running things, including performers, insurance, venue rental, and many other organizational requirements.

4. Are Renaissance Faires Strictly Renaissance?

“Renaissance Faire” is often used as a general term to describe any large scale event that delves into some historical culture. Oxford incorporates Vikings, Pirates the Medieval Period, as well as many other points in time. In our experience, even though it says “Renaissance”, these events are just a general celebration of medieval life. Oxford Renaissance Festival also embrace some level of magic, fantasy, cosplay, and anime such as wizards, elves and of course fairies and so much more! Over the years we’ve scene Imperial forces, a flying police box, Star trek crew, killer rabbits just to name a few!

5. What is for sale at Oxford Renaissance Faire?

You will find all sorts of Merchant booths we have over 50+ unique vendors. They are all different in how strict they are about the time period, so sometimes you’ll find a historical assortment of goods, and other times it will be a bit more whimsical. Common wares are jewelry, soap, trinkets, arts and crafts, clothing, leatherworking, blacksmithing, weaving, pottery, and much more! It all depends on what the local artisans have to offer.

6. Will there be entertainment?

Oxford has hired entertainment to keep the day moving and keep attendees entertained. Full metal jousting with the Knights of Valor, Birds of prey by The Eryre, comedy, music and so much more. These could be a prince and princess acting out a scene, or acrobats, jugglers, and musicians. Most festivals also have comedy shows and circus performances, as well as horse rides on a warhorse. Aside from the people who will walk around and entertain you, there are also endless places to discover and have fun! *

7. Is there food available?

LOTS of food! Food is one of the great joys of life, so most festivals put a great offer into making sure there is lots of interesting and delicious food available. Most festivals will not allow you to bring food in from the outside, so they make sure there is lots of variety. You’ll find modern food, similar to a good court, but also usually some more interesting food options that are more in line with the theme of the fair. We would recommend bringing cash just in case your favorite little vendor isn’t accepting card transactions.

8. What about drinks?

More often than not you will find the average drinks you can get at a modern bar, but if you’re lucky they will also have some local artisans who are producing interesting and tasty treats for you to enjoy. We will be licensed again for 2024 at the Boars Head Pub.

9. Can I wear a costume if I don’t work at the Renaissance Faire?

Yes! As an attendee, you can join in and wear a costume… though it won’t earn you a discount on entry or any other privileges. You can ask what to wear to a renaissance faire, but let’s be honest…. there is SO much choice! So why not start with what is actually a far easier question: what not to wear to a renaissance fair. Our general answer is don’t wear anything uncomfortable! You’re going to be walking around all day, potentially going on adventures and getting into mischief, so you don’t want to wear anything too restricting or shoes that you won’t be able to walk in it. When it comes to costume specifics, it completely depends on the one you are planning on attending. Each will have a slightly different ideal time period, so we recommend jumping on their Facebook page or website to understand the time period better. We would usually recommend a basic combination that you can customer later through unique vendors. One thing we know for sure, though, is if you are new to the hobby and wish to attend, everyone will appreciate your enthusiasm and will not call you out for wearing the wrong era! Any effort will be noticed and appreciated.

10. What’s the best preparation to attend Oxford 2024?

A) Buy tickets in advance, it will always save you money from gate price.
B) Dress for the weather we are open rain or shine.
C) Bring cash as well as debit/credit
D) Although you are always welcome as you are, wearing a costume can help you immerse in the experience
E) arrive early and plan to spend the day if not the weekend lots to see and do
F) If you can volunteer to be part of the magic, some positions are paid, and or gratuity of food, tickets for festival etc. (info@faires.ca)

Other Important questions and answers:

Weapons policy:
Sheathed Weapons that are peace tied (unable to be drawn) are permitted to be worn. Unsheathed weapons, live ammunition, and sharp edges are not permitted in the festival grounds.

Well behaved fur babies, crowd adapted pets are welcome, providing they are on a leash and accompanying well trained owner (takes responsibility to clean up after the pet). Be advised that several of our shows feature animals, and not all pets can handle the excitement of cheering crowds.


There will almost certainly be some. We’re Rennies! We laugh at the weather! The festival will go on, rain or shine – shows, games, activities, you name it. Honestly some of patrons best experiences have been during typical English weather!

Lost and found:
You can check at the Front gate and at the Bar to see if your item has been turned in!

 Parking donations appreciated when you arrive. Proceeds will be for a local charity. We do our best to accommodate handicapped parking. Please note that the parking area is not paved – grass fields and dirt paths, for the most part!

Get involved :
There are so many ways to get involved! We are always looking for reliable volunteers – and are happy to give you tickets to the festival as a thank you for hours put in. We need parking attendants, front gate staff, and more! Have an idea? Contact us! (info@faires.ca)

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