2024 Acts Announcements coming soon

Since 1997, the Knights of Valour have been entertaining North American audiences with exciting shows of horsemanship, bravery, and chivalry. The tradition continues as their 2022 season is filled with opportunities. No matter what type of event, the Athletes and crew of the Knights of Valour are ready to entertain you in a style worthy of Kings!
Erikka Johnson is a Canadian circus artist who has been training for the past eight years and performing internationally for the past four. She performs aerial silks, aerial hammock, fire dancing and duo trapeze, her acts focus on exciting high energy drops and dynamic movements.
Established in 2019, the team at D.W.A.R.F showcase Historical European Martial Arts (H.E.M.A). They fight using true historical techniques learned from medieval and renaissance manuscripts. They fight for glory.... and your amusement! The louder you cheer, the harder they fight!
Men in Tights is a comedic duo who specialize in the retelling of classics, using the audience to help them recreate these fractured classics. Enjoy a show featuring a well known tale from Shakespeare or another source – guaranteed fun for whole family!
See how accurate the Trebuchet Crew can be – will the targets in the field be hit by a melon? Come cheer the crew on, and find out what this medieval weapon can do!
Vikings of Vinland - Are a non-profit, Recreation group of individuals that educate the public on Viking life and culture. Demonstrations on Shield making, Rune Stone Carving, weaponry, food, and the daily life of a Viking. Guests can come by our area and carve runes in their own little piece of wood to take home, learn the fundamentals on how to construct a shield, and look at all the weapons that vikings used!
Known for our range of music, from Medieval & Renaissance to The Unlikely, North America's only gemshorn quartet is now fortified with even more instruments you've never heard of. Our unique consort continues to gain considerable notoriety, with our Bardcore YouTube hits "Star Wars Cantina Band" & "Gem of Thrones". Hall Train (builder of our instruments), Dean Burry, Chris Hoffman, & Trevor Rines are delighted to be performing for our 6th year at this, our favourite Ren Faire. Follow our escapades on Facebook, Instagram, & YouTube, & find our album, Puck's Deceit, at www.thegemsmen.com
The Eyrie provides Birds of Prey-based services with a focus on educational work
Fire breathing, eating, poi, fans, wand, butane bubbles and fire horns.
A.K.A. Corey, a professional sword swallower.5 unique and different swords, with one of which being a triple stack!But there's more -The Kris Sword, The 45 degree Sword, The Wide Sword and of course her sword on a chain!
Conjuring up witch warrior magick, Invoketress will wind and wield their way into your heart with their mesmerizing dance from the Four Corners of the World.

Stay tuned for more additions!

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